SPAB Scholars Vist Site - December 2018

In Spring 2018 the SPAB Scholars visited Icomb Place, A Grade 1 Listed Manor House.


The focus of the visit was to review the general refurbishment work to date and to review the lime render and mortar works. 


We reviewed the locally sourced aggregates in detail reviewing the particulate grading, ensuring there was an even particulate grade. This basically means ensuring the sand had an even amount of sizes of sand within it to ensure the particles stick together.


 We reviewed the process the Gaches team mixed the mortar.


Philip's team mixed the mortar in large batches to ensure they had enough mortar for the days ahead. As the lime mortar being used was a non hydraulic hot lime, the mortar could be mixed in large batches and covered over with water. The mortar would last weeks before needing to be used and knocked up again. The mortar would only set if exposed to the air unlike an hydraulic mortar that has an initial set. 


Here you can see the lime mortar being applied to the external masonry wall

Screenshot 2020-01-29 at 12.02.37

The wall now fully harled and the lime render applied

Harling Complete

Philip applies the initial coat of limewash to the render

Lime Wash being applied